MYsterious Finds:

Collections – VisCom (07/09 – 28/09)

We recently went on a trip to Oxford to visit the Ashmolean Museum and the Pitt Rivers to get inspired by the collections of objects. During this visit, I was very interested by the amount of archaeology and anthropology from different cultures and different time periods. After taking photographs and doing sketches I decided that for my visual communication project I would look into advertising for an exhibition of coins at an archaeology and anthropology museum. I looked into museums that had a wide collection of culture and mainly coins and came across the MAA (museum of archaeology and anthropology in Cambridge).

Jack Laverick – Ceramic Designer (Great Northern Contemporary Craft Fair)

I’ve always been a massive fan of geometric shapes and while at the Great Northern Contemporary Craft Fair, I came across a local artist called Jack Laverick, who told me that ‘he was very interested in geometric shapes since he was young’ and works with ceramics. This then inspired me to include geometric shapes within my own work and create a house style for my advertising for the coin exhibition at MAA. I also had the idea of messing around with the colour green as it’s a short cut to money which links to my collections.

For the brief we were given the opportunity to advertise for an exhibition and to choose 4 ways to represent our collections within our chosen museum and create an exhibition. For this I decided to create 2 posters, a post card (front and back) and a ticket. During this process I used a mix of photography and digital work to complete a house style that maintained constant throughout.

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Areas I’d like to improve on if given extra time would be to create my own typography using hand generated methods and also using mono-printing to show a mix in media. Also showing the posters in context as bus shelter advertising etc, as this would give an idea of what they would look like in the outside world rather than just on a computer screen. I mostly enjoyed the use of geometric shapes and messing around with different settings on Photoshop and creating the ‘C’ for the collections project logo. For that all I did was get the photographs I took from the Pitt Rivers and Ashmolean and over-layer them to, ironically, show a collection of images. That along with the different shades of green I used to create a short cut to money, links well to my collection of coins and therefore makes a good, informative advertisement. Over all, I am pleased with how my collections exhibition advertising has gone.

front postcard
Postcard – Front
1st Poster
2nd Poster
postcard back
Postcard – Back



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