MYsterious Finds:

Collections: Fine Art (05/10-12/10

For this project we had to depict our chosen item(s) through a 2D visual way. I continued along the theme of coins and wanted to do something simple but repeat it numerous times to show something simple on a larger scale. For this, I decided to do coin rubbings going back to Primary school methods of placing the coins under a plain piece of white paper and, using a crayon, rubbing over them to reveal the surface of the coin on the page. I experimented with this idea by using positive and negative mono-printing, acrylic paint, and even ink to try and stamp the coins, but the most successful was the crayon rubbings.


For this project we had to complete 6 A4 pages that related to our object in different ways. So, the first A4 sheet I did was an experimental page with the coin rubbings and unsuccessful stamping, the second was more structured with grids that each coin rubbing could go into. I then did a second one of these for my third A4 sheet but separated the grids by writing the word ‘coins’ and each rubbing was used by the same colour crayon. I then decided to do something completely abstract and, in ‘mad artist’ style, threw onto the page orange ink and different coloured acrylics in a circular pattern and etched triangles into it to link to the geometric patterns of my VisCom work. Within the orange ink, I used acrylic to write the word ‘coins’ digressing down the page. I then filled in the rest of the page by using coin rubbings and finger prints to link it back to anthropology. On my fifth A4 sheet, I took one of the coins and (using silver tape) made a circle and created the ‘heads’ of the coin. Using black acrylic, I incorporated the head and writing on the back of the coin and using a stabbing motion, darkened the surface to show the dullness of the coin with black acrylic. To fill the black spaces around the edges, I then took different coloured inks and splashed it around the edges of the coin juxtaposing it with the dull coin. For my final A4 page, I decided to dedicate it to typography and wrote, in different fonts and sizes, the word ‘coins’ repeatedly. To finish it off I took ink and splashed it across the page very subtly just to bring out the colour and make it pop with the other pages.

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When it came to doing an A2 sheet dedicated to coins, I just simply took the paper I had been using to rest my other pages onto and therefore had some colour from the inks and acrylic already on there, and also different brush strokes and clumps of dried acrylic. As I began to add to this, I decided to have the word ‘coins’ in the center made out of smaller ‘coins’ making it the main focus. In order to show the ‘mad artist’ idea I had, I decided to write ‘coins’ all over the page faint and small trying hard not to draw the attention away from the font in the middle.

Over all, I am very happy with the way the designs came out. I think the mix of simplicity with the coin rubbings and the ‘mad artist’ theme, using the word ‘coins’ repeatedly, allowed the pages to come together and link really well.

Finished A2 sheet including faint ‘coins’ across the page




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