MYsterious Finds:

Collections: Multi Disciplinary (19/10 – 21/11)

For the final installment for MYsterious Finds, we had to create something practical with our chosen objects. With graphic design being the frontier of my interests, I chose to create packaging carrying on with the theme of repeat pattern but this time using geometric shapes and the same green tones of that of the first project. Because my chosen object was money, I decided to create a money box that was targeted at primary school children to get them to learn about money and also primary and secondary colours.

I first started of the project by experimenting with coin pressings into clay. Not only did this give me the idea of a money box but also carried on the theme of repeat pattern through the arrangements of the size coins and the patterns on the coins themselves.

Clay Coin Molds

Because I wanted this project to appeal to a young audience, I decided to use primary colours and secondary colours to imply an educational theme. For this I used Fimo clay and got red, blue and yellow and mixed them to get the secondary colours and separated them equally. I then transferred the clay idea and did molds of my different sized coins in each colour and baked them so they would go hard.

Fimo Coin Molds

I also decided to make a packaging for my coins and decided it would be more fun and interactive to have them contained in a money box. For this I took the triangle background design from my VisCom project and kept rotating it to reveal different outcomes. I also added green because of the money connotation and copied an image of one of the coins in the center of the pattern and made it monochrome so it would juxtapose the colourful coins. I then stuck this onto a cardboard square net i had measured out and stuck it together to make a cube adding into it a slit at the top where the coins could go into and leaving underneath open so the coins inside were accessible.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

 Over all I am pleased with the way the educational piece involving the concept of repeat pattern went. I enjoyed making something 3D and would like to do more work like this in the future.



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