Inside Out – Big Issues

Magazine Cover: Syrian Refugee Crisis

For this brief we had to look into big issues that effect us as people and the world around us. Due to the current terror attacks, I decided to do mine about the Syrian refugees and also accompany it with a double page article about their experience. I was influenced to do it on this theme through my visit to the design museum in London. Here was where there was a piece about migration by Hyperakt and Ekene Ijeoma called ‘The Refugee Project’. This was a digital and interactive project that was displayed on a mac computer showing the world map using date collected by the United Nations High Commissioner’.

I then started by thinking of potential names for my magazine and looking up their definitions and seeing if they were already an existing name. After asking people thoughts and opinions of which one they prefered, I then settled on the name ‘Native’ as it was relevant to the issue involved and also linked to every person regardless of background as we are all native to something. I then began to sketch different styles of typography for my mast head and asked people which one they prefered and started to work on the chosen one digitally. I chose to use the triangles as one means fire and the upside down one means Earth linking nicely into the basics of survival and being native to our planet. I chose the last type face as my mast head as the line threw it intermingles within the letters tying them together just like how as people we should be tied together with no prejudice or hate.


Looking at different magazines, I came across V magazine who use the letter ‘V’ to divide their cover as a logo and also a brand identity which I wanted to incorporate into my own covers. For this I took the two triangles and played around with the composition and then took my sketches onto photoshop and created a digital version and asked people to pick which they liked the most. In the end I chose the logo on the top right of the picture and wanted to fade it and also intermingle it within my images on the covers. Both the logos and the type face were created using the line tool on photoshop.


After creating my brand identity, I then did a photo shoot with a Muslim friend of mine who I used as a model. I took a few shots of her wearing a Niqab made from some material we found and did a dark back drop making the viewer focus more on her face as it was a close up shot. I then made alterations on photoshop by changing the contrast and making it black and white. After, I printed it on acetate and scratched on top of the Niqab with a needle the relevant negative remarks that people make about Muslims and how the Syrian Refugees must feel. I wanted to incorporate a typography that felt dark almost like a horror to mirror image what the refugees must feel and I wanted to do it in the style of Stefan Sagmeister.

After, I scanned the acetate sheet onto photoshop and began adding additional type and the logo and mast head I had previously created. I also added at the bottom of the page a barcode, issue number, date of the issue and also a price. I also included a tag line ‘the home of culture’ and a website for my magazine to aim to a younger and modern audience. Over all I am very pleasure with how the first issue cover has turned out and it has met my expectations.

Final Outcome



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