Magazine Cover: Immigration

My third magazine cover for the Big Issues installment has been based on immigration as a whole and the negativity around other people’s culture and beliefs. For this I took inspiration from Si Scott and his illustrative style of work, especially the one of the world map created through lines looking like veins. I chose to get a friend to draw the world map into my own hands (originally I wanted this to be in henna but I couldn’t get any) and took various pictures.

I then took one of these photos and filtered it with a yellow haze to create a stereotypical Eastern culture colour causing an Arabian image. I also messed with the contrast of the outline of the continents and the middle to make the map look 3D.

Digital Development

I then copied the house style of the magazine including the mast head and tag line and website. I also used the logo and included the appropriate tag lines and bar code with issue number, date and price.

HANDS cover.jpg



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