Magazine Covers: Trafficking

Due to my recent inspiration from ‘The Refugee Project’ I thought I’d carry on with the theme of immigration and culture and began researching why people move to different countries and, surprisingly, I came across many sites that explained how refugees don’t actually want to move but how circumstances have forces them to. Looking further into this I came across trafficking and how many people get trafficked either sexual or financially to benefit their ‘owners’. In order to shed light on this topic I chose to do my second magazine cover for the Big Issues brief about trafficking.

Once again I decided to do a photoshoot and came across my chosen picture by accident. This time I modeled in front of the camera not knowing that the camera was set to a low aperture. Because of this the light was taken into the camera and it created a curved light across the image.

Low Aperture Photo

I then took this image and messed about with it on photoshop to intensify the light more and create the metaphor of there’s light at the end of the tunnel. I also chose to photograph some old chains to place over the image to create a sense of entrapment linking into slavery and trafficking.

I then took these chains and played with them on photoshop to get the impression that they are intermingled within my logo. On top of this I also included type, website, barcode, issue date, price, date and tag line as well as a mast head.


Adding more cover lines I think would have made the cover look better but none the less I am pleased with the way my second cover has turned out.



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